The timeless appeal of a Rayburn range cooker is epitomised by its beautiful enamelled exterior, classic styling and highly efficient cooking technique. Now – with every one of us acutely aware of volatile fuel prices and the need to care for the planet for future generations – there’s a 100% carbon-neutral Rayburn and Rayburn models which run on solar power direct from the sun!

The wood-burning Rayburn – which allows you to cook and heat your home using a truly sustainable source of fuel (wood from well managed forests or coppicing) – makes an economical choice. The boiler model benefits from significant tax incentives at purchase and costs far less to run than comparable separate cooker and heating systems.

And the hugely innovative Rayburn Solar Thermal System takes caring for the environment to a new level – by linking our new Solar Thermal Collectors to a Rayburn Heatranger you can enable the sun to provide up to 65% of your hot water needs and achieve fossil fuel savings of up to 60% a year.

The Rayburn collection features a wide choice of fuel and size options and Solar Thermal Collectors can be used to augment both central heating and domestic hot water systems.

Rayburn has always been concerned about protecting the environment and using natural resources responsibly.

Solar energy is free at source, sustainable and non-polluting. And while the Rayburn’s cooking prowess is well documented, it is perhaps less well known that every Rayburn is made in Britain from reclaimed iron and is 70% recyclable.

That means a modern Rayburn system is good for the planet and your bank balance.

So, whether you’re looking to create a home environment with year-round comfort and warmth or simply want to enjoy the convenience and economy of having your central heating, domestic hot water and cooking all in one, you’re sure to be wonderfully at home with a new generation Rayburn.

To find out which model is most appropriate for you, simply select from the choice of cooking-only or cooking with central heating and hot water models listed below…

The Rayburn Heatranger has the power to provide all the hot water and central heating a household could need and – because there’s no need for a separate boiler – it’s a space saving option. Add to this perfect cooking results and it’s easy to see why the Rayburn Heatranger is the perfect choice.

The Rayburn Cookmaster is a cooker model, a true friend in the kitchen as it’s easy to control and delivers perfect results every time. You can opt for a conventional flue or power flue, which allows you to position your Cookmaster almost anywhere in the kitchen and most models are thermostatically controlled to maintain a constant temperature. From high-heat cooking, which brings out the very best in vegetables, for example, to gentle roasting and brilliant baking, the Cookmaster is master of all culinary styles. Its strength is its versatility.

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