As well as the traditional and much-cherished heat-storage cookers, there's the S Series collection of distinctly unconventional conventional cookers, the new Aga Masterchef and the hugely practical Aga Modules.

So click on the links below to enjoy the full range of appliances available from the name behind the world's most famous cooker.


Heat Storage Cookers

No matter where you live, whatever your lifestyle, there’s an Aga that fits perfectly into your home. Choose between two, three or four ovens and the source of fuel that suits you the most: natural gas, propane gas, electricity and oil (kerosene or diesel).



Conventional Cookers

S-Series Cookers
A much-praised collection of distinctly unconventional conventional cookers built with the Aga values of reliability, style and performance.

The Masterchef takes the Aga spirit of long-lasting quality and versatility and applies it to conventional range cooking.



The Aga Integrated Module and Freestanding Module (formerly the Aga Companion) offer Aga owners complete cooking versatility.

A great addition to any kitchen, they have the cast-iron good looks of the Aga combined with a conventional electric oven with integral grill and a fan electric oven. Available with a choice of hotplate, the gas or electric unit can be either attached to the main cooker or be left freestanding.


Various models on display in our showroom

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