Varde has been a major player in the wood burning stove market for many years.  Starting life as a small handicraft business, today Varde is a progressive, modern stove manufacturing company: a stylish brand that combines functionality, durability and design.  This is Varde Style.

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Heat stoves give the home a sense of legacy, breathing clean, safe and efficient warmth and life into virtually any room for years and decades to come, looking beautiful all the while. Vermont Castings gas, electric, wood, and coal stoves are available in both traditional and modern styles, including many Vermont Castings and Dutchwest cast iron and steel models as well as a wide and stunning array of enamel colors, sizes, accessories and features.

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WIKING wood-burning stoves are developed in collaboration with well-known Danish designers and architects. Our design line includes both classic and modern stoves designed for small and large rooms.

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Woolly Mammoth Stoves are a unique collection of stoves designed exclusively for the UK market, seamlessly incorporating mankind’s genetic love of fire into the modern home.

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Yeoman stoves are available in both traditional and contemporary models, offering effieciency and value for money.

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