The timeless appeal of a cast-iron stove is hard to beat and the new collection of AGA-made and AGA-branded stoves are as beautiful as they are practical. Every model uses the latest clean-burn technology to maximise the efficient use of energy and minimise the effect on the environment.

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Arada is renowned for excellent design and impeccable workmanship, they take pride in manufacturing stoves that are built to last. Each stove is hand-crafted to European Standard EN13240 and must pass rigorous inspection before it leaves their factory.

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There is nothing more comforting than the glow and warmth of a traditional fire, combine this with high efficiency and controllability and you create a truly excellent heating appliance. At Broseley Fires, they are a family run company with more than thirty five years experience in designing, developing and manufacturing home heating appliances.  Their design team has a passion for creating wood burning stoves which combine tradition and elegance with realism and efficiency. Broseley Fires have become a household name in the stove industry, originally proving our expertise by developing appliances for other manufacturers. We have used this renowned experience to launch our own ranges of Multifuel (wood burning and coal), Gas and Electric Stoves.
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Burley's range of wood burning stoves featuring Thornhill Thermal Technology is the result of thousands of hours of designing and prototyping, based and inspired by over 100 years of experience in the heating industry. Designed, developed and manufactured entirely in the United Kingdom, the T3 range boasts advances which result in unsurpassed fuel efficiency and clean burning.  This is made possible by the patent pending Cyclone method of introducing air.

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The well established Country range provides effective, reliable performance in thousands of homes throughout the world. It has the ability to incorporate a boiler for hot water or for full central heating systems.

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Chesney's offers a comprehensive range of stoves. Their collections of multi-fuel and woodburning stoves are both attractive and efficient. 

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Designed in the UK - our 1st model was commissioned by Blithfield Hall in Staffordshire. All components and parts are sourced and produced in the UK. All stoves are fabricated, hand finished and fully assembled in the UK. 

The Clock Blithfield 5 claimed the "Stove of the Year" in 2018 at the Hearth & Home Exhibition. 

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The design and product development of Contura stoves occurs in Sweden, as does the assembly of all stove parts. The stoves are quality controlled before leaving the factory in Markaryd. This gives us full control over the quality in all stages of production. We take care to ensure that the stoves are suitable for the modern home and conditions. We are proud to mark our stoves "Made in Sweden".

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Dik Geurts has manufactured wood stoves and wood fire inserts since 1981 and is a household name for its distinctive products in the Netherlands. In 2007, Dik Geurts became part of DRU Verwarming BV, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of contemporary gas fires and wall heaters, with offices in the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK and distributors throughout Europe.

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Dovre stoves come with 60 years of Scandinavian heritage. Dovre's stoves and fireplaces are built to endure the harshest of Arctic winters. In fact, Dovre's manufacturing expertise with premium grade cast iron is such that all cast parts on their stoves and fireplaces come with a 5 year guarantee.

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